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We find the needle in the haystack!

Welcome to PiShift, an Investigation and Cyber Consulting Company that helps businesses like yours to achieve unique goals. Our expert professionals will partner with your business to deliver tailor-made practical solutions, fast.  We support courts, attorneys, corporations, security services, public authorities, and private individuals in their search for the necessary facts & information - and we are confident to be the right partner for you.

PiShift Services

PiShift is a private Investigation and Cyber Consulting Company.

We are engaged in the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information in different areas to enable you to make the right decision or to enforce your legitimate interests.
Our highly qualified experts have their background in police, intelligence service, legal services, fiduciary, auditing, information technology and forensic and we can count on our strong international network.
Objectivity, transparency, and integrity, combined with persistence and unconventional thinking are forming the basis of our services and our solutions for you.



Find the needle in the haystack

Remember, our support extends from the process of data collection to analysis and preparation of evidence. Efficiently conducted investigations are assisted by automated classification and indexing and processing of large amounts of data.


Our services quickly identify relevant evidence through search queries on our highly secure and state of the art systems. Our experienced professionals will support you with data evaluation and analysis.


Identify and trace property and tangible assets worldwide.

We identify and trace property and tangible assets worldwide taking into account both legal enforcement and hidden property to enable you to freeze it.

Our ability to obtain information is unparalleled, and we approach all of our cases with a legally audacious mindset, ensuring that all information we provide can be fully disclosed in the event of a litigation or other recovery measures.



Risk assessments

PiShift combines its deep knowledge of cyber technologies, traditional investigations, legal expertise and due diligence to help clients navigate the risks of acquisitions.

We carry out reputational risk assessments on key management to ensure that there are no issues that have not been declared to investors.

We also augment your financial due diligence by seeking discreet insights to notify you of undeclared financial irregularity.


Response to fix, repair and build your reputation.

With our legal and technological approaches, we are able to protect your online reputation from defamatory articles, blog posts, and social media posts.

Our solutions are based on security, high availability and reliability; we guard people who require a high degree of data protection.



Effective strategies and tactics

We support you handling a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm your organization or your person. Together with you, our experts develop effective strategies and tactics in order to minimize the damage resulting from a crisis and to enable you to make the right decisions.


Audits, Penetration Testing, Consulting

We assess the IT infrastructure of your firm by highlighting potential entry paths that malicious attackers would take. We educate and secure your online activities. We crawl through the deep and the dark web on your behalf, unearthing unprecedented data. We provide red-teaming services and offer a recurring offensive capability to test your network.

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Get decisive Information

PiShift investigates potential criminal activities and any other type of misconduct. We will give you a fast and clear path to find exactly what you need to know to move forward.

We translate unstructured information into data intelligence that you can either securely access online or on your own IT-infrastructure.

We operate at the crossing of technology and human interaction in order to provide you with a host of valuable information.


PiShift Secure Collaboration Solutions

We assist you in the transformation into the digital future.
Our solutions are based on security, high availability and reliability. The customer base includes courts, law firms, public authorities and private individuals who require high degree of data protection.


Brings investigators a fast, clear path to find exactly what they need to move forward.

Offers investigators a fast, clear path to find exactly what they need to move forward.

We translate unstructured data into data intelligence that you can either securely access online or on your own infrastructure.

PiShift prepares forensic images from Pcs, MACs, servers, mobile phones, tablets and any other form of documents in a way that information can be found through search queries.

On request, we provide our customers with online access to our servers for data analyses.

Our employees support customers in their search for the needle in the haystack and take over the technical part of the job.

Secure Collaboration

Key Facts

  • Services delivered with a flexible approach to suit best the clients' needs

  • Focus on human and open source intelligence

  • Strict quality, legal and compliance standards

  • State of the art technology support

  • Experts with background in police, intelligence services, law, fiduciary, auditing, technology and forensics

  • Clients are government bodies, law firms, corporates and financial institutions

  • Managed by the owners with a focus on personal service delivery


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Key Facts
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